I am a Principal Scientist in the Translational Research division at Tempus Labs. My role is interdisciplinary, working at the intersection of data science, software engineering, cancer biology, and genomics. I am passionate about open-source software, data science, and the R programming language.

I build, design, and implement algorithms, software, and infrastructure to enable data analysis for genomics. My work requires expertise in biology, computer science, and statistics (among a host of other computational skills).

I have been a core team member of two successful open-source bioinformatics projects. I was at the Bioconductor Project at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute of Harvard Medical School as a Scientist. I started on the Bioconductor core team started at Roswell Park. My focus was on making R/Bioconductor-based genomic data science scalable on the cloud. I was also a core team member and software engineer for the Galaxy Project at Johns Hopkins.

Bioconductor and the Galaxy project are computational milestones in Bioinformatics, as listed in this Nature Review paper.

I’m always looking to hear from interesting people. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect.

This website is a reflection of my life, work, and ongoing learning and it is not limited to professional endeavors. My views are my own.